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At Allies in Change, we believe that coordinating with our referral sources is vital. We strive to communicate with our referral sources consistently and efficiently by sending monthly progress reports and communicating regularly to ensure all parties are informed.


Please note that we strictly follow HIPAA, and may only share information about our clients after they have signed a release of information allowing us to communicate with your organization.


As an agency, we also offer a variety of free trainings and presentations for referral sources, providers, and the general public. View our Trainings page for details.


Our program is a state approved abuse intervention program.

Client Progress Online (CPO)

Client Progress Online is a secure online system that we use, with client permission, to track attendances and progress reports. This system is HIPAA compliant and allows 24 hour online access to your client's attendance records, progress reports, and other informative reports.


If you have a client attending one of our programs and you would like secure access to this system, please contact us. We can create you an account in minutes and give you access to the online system. Our client must have a signed release of information prior to our communication and account creation.


Go to our Client Progress Online login page here.


Call us at (503) 297-7979 or send an email to to request an account.

Abuse Intervention

Abuse Intervention Groups provide an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand the role of male socialization, identify the ways they have been abusive or controlling of others, examine and change their beliefs about abuse, and learn acceptable alternatives.

Anger Management

Our men's anger management program provides an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand the root of their anger, and how to better control it. This program is 12 weeks, however, transfer to a long term anger management program is an option for those interested.

Parenting Groups

Our Respectful Parenting Program is a hybrid therapy group which is similar in content to our men's groups, however, this program incorporates a 12 week parenting class within the program which helps fathers learn effective parenting skills and styles.

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