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We offer individual counseling for men and women for a variety of issues including: managing emotions such as anger, depression, stress, and anxiety; building greater intimacy and connection in relationships with others. We address many other common issues.


Our Respectul Parenting Program is a hybrid therapy program which is similar in content to our men's counseling groups, however, this program incorporates a 12 week parenting class within the group which helps fathers learn effective parenting skills and styles.

Our women's recovery counseling group provides a supportive setting for women who either currently are in or formerly have been in an abusive relationship. The group offers support for day-to-day living in addition to examining the challenges of relationships and learning about various forms of abuse.

We offer couples counseling to help build greater intimacy and connection in intimate relationships. We see couples for a number of issues, including those with a lack of healthy communication, difficulties managing emotions, and behaviors that negatively affect the relationship.


Becoming Allies is a men's counseling group designed to help men learn how to be more effective in relationships. The group is a positive and collaborative experience that focuses heavily on communication, working with each other, and striving to change for the better.

Our women's anger management counseling groups are for women who struggle with expressing anger in an appropriate way. Group members learn concrete skills and tools to manage anger and also address underlying attitudes and beliefs that may contribue to anger.

Our therapy groups are designed to help people have more successful relationships. They pair education with an examination of members' real-life situations. Our various topic areas include communication skills, support and encouragement, and managing emotions.

Our men's anger management program provides an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand the root of their anger, and how to better control it. This program is 12 weeks, however, transfer to a long term anger management program is an option for those interested.

We provide a multitude of different trainings and community education for professionals, agencies, and other organizations. We cover a multitude of issues, but not limited to: understanding domestic violence, managing stress, and risk assessment.