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Abuse Intervention Groups provide an accountable and supportive setting for men to understand the role of male socialization, identify the ways they have been abusive or controlling of others, examine and change their beliefs about abuse, and practice acceptable alternatives to abuse.


We respectfully confront denial and pro-abuse beliefs while supporting making non-abusive choices and embracing more pro-social beliefs. We make consistent use of evidence based practices, including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral interventions, role plays, and the research of John Gottman.


Groups are co-facilitated by highly qualified and experienced staff that are responsive to both the needs of the client and the referring party.


Our program meets Oregon State requirements for Batterer Intervention Providers.


Please view our group fliers at the bottom of the page for details on our programs.




Research has found that not all men and women who are abusive are the same. Allies in Change recognizes that there are subgroups of abusive individuals that require specialized abuse intervention groups tailored to their specific needs. We offer a variety of specialized programs, including Respectful Parenting for abusive fathers, a Becoming Allies Relationship Group, a group for clients who struggle controlling their emotions, a group for clients with cognitive deficits, a group for clients that struggle with sexual boundaries within their relationship, and many other specialized programs.


Please view our Specialized Groups Brochure for more information on each of our specialized programs.


For more information about any of our state approved abuse intervention groups, trainings, or other services, please call us at (503) 297-7979.



At Allies in Change, we are aware of the many financial hardships that families are facing today. This is why we offer reduced sliding scale fees for anyone in need. These adjusted fees are available for our clients who financially qualify, and do not carry health insurance.


Our Women's Abuse Intervention Groups allow for women to understand the root of their anger, and how to better control it. The causes of women's abusive behavior tend to be more complicated and somewhat different than the common causes of men's abuse. Many women arrested for domestic violence are 'secondary aggressors.' While abusive, it is within the larger context of more serious and on-going abuse from their partner. For this reason, we offer two unique specialized women's abuse intervention programs to reach each population effectively.


Our women's anger program has a similar curriculum to that of the men's program, however, there is a greater focus on victimization issues common among women, such as managing trauma, assertiveness, and boundary setting. These groups focus on providing support to women who are either currently in or have been in an abusive relationship.


Please see our Rates & Appointments page for details on our counseling fees and sliding scale rates.


At Allies in Change, we strive to communicate and coordinate with our referral sources consistently and efficiently. To help do this, we use ManageAttendance, which allows referral sources 24/7 online access to attendance records, progress reports, and other helpful information which keeps both parties informed of all progress or changes.


Please note that we strictly follow HIPAA, and may only share information if our clients have signed releases allowing us to communicate with your organization.


As an agency, we also offer a variety of free trainings and presentations for referral sources, providers, and the general public. View our Trainings page for details.


Our program is a state approved abuse intervention program.

For more information about our Abuse Intervention Programs, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 297-7979. Phones are typically answered 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and 9:00am - 5:00pm on Friday. You are also welcome to contact us via email at Allies@AlliesinChange.org.