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We provide a multitude of different trainings and community education for professionals, agencies, and other organizations.  In accordance with our mission and outreach efforts, we seek to spread as much awareness and education as possible in our local and national communities through our free and low-cost trainings.


We offer a multitude of different trainings covering a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to: understanding domestic violence, managing stress, and risk assessment.

News Reading

The Oregonian

Dr. Chris Huffine has been interviewed by The Oregonian on numerous occasions. The article Domestic Abuse Can Be Subtly Sinister features Dr. Huffine and exposes the reality of how complicated domestic violence is.

Image by Prophsee Journals

Willamette Week

Our work with voluntary men to end longstanding patterns of abuse and control in their relationships is highlighted in the Willamette Week cover story on August 26th.

Image by Rishabh Sharma

Willamette Week

Dr. Chris Huffine was interviewed by Willamette Week on February 14th for their article "A Question of Force." This article addresses why instances of sexual violence against women are so high in Oregon.

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