Thank you for your donation!


We would like to thank you for your support of Allies in Change as evidenced by your recent donation.  As a relatively small nonprofit organization that is helping hundreds of families every week, every dollar helps, so your generous donation is certainly helping us move forward in our bigger mission goals. 


Your generous gift assists us to continue to offer very low cost services to abusive partners who are voluntarily seeking out services but have limited funds to cover such services.  It allows us to not have to turn away such individuals for financial reasons.  Donations also go beyond helping individual clients and families in need to offer free trainings and consultations to community members and organizations to further increase their understanding of domestic violence and how to appropriately  address it.  This helps us in our larger goal of being more preventive in our work, helping to raise awareness and understanding so that others intervene with issues of domestic violence earlier in the process. Thanks again!


In gratitude,



Chris Huffine,  Psy.D.

Executive Director