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We provide a multitude of free trainings and community education for the public professionals, agencies, and other local or national organizations. While primarily focusing on the many diverse issues around domestic violence, we also offer other mental health trainings, such as managing stress, etc.

At Allies in Change, we offer a variety of low-fee counseling services for perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Our goal is to remove financial barriers that prevent so many families from getting the help that they need to recover from an abusive relationship or to become non-abusive.

Changes is available to anyone. The purpose of our newsletter is to provide free education to the public about the many issues surrounding domestic violence. Allies updates and information about important upcoming events in our community are also featured in Changes. Signup for our newsletter email list today.

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? We're always looking for consistent helpers around the office. We have a variety of opportunities, including administrative and clinical volunteer positions available. If you have a passion and talent for this field, please contact us.

Allies in Change seeks to prevent domestic violence by raising awareness about subtle forms of abuse through various public awareness campaigns.