Individual & Couples Therapists




Chris Huffine, Psy.D., licensed psychologist, is the Executive Director of Allies in Change. He offers individual and couples counseling with adults on a variety of issues including mood disorders, stress management, relationship/intimacy issues, and addictions. Chris is also a facilitator in three of our counseling groups. During his career he has worked with over a thousand abusive men and hundreds of female and male victims of abuse. He is an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University where he teaches an anger management class and speaks on domestic violence. He also offers a graduate level class on domestic violence at Pacific University. He regularly speaks publicly and offers trainings on a variety of issue related to domestic violence. He is a member of the advisory group to the state attorney general to monitor standards for batterer intervention programs.

Chris Huffine




Matt Johnston is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and has worked with abusive men and people with alcohol and drug issues since 2004. He is also Program Director of Domestic Violence Safe Dialogue (DVSD), which facilitates restorative justice conversations about domestic violence. He also facilitates the Survivor Impact Panels in Washington County.

Matt Johnston
Group Counselors


We have nearly twenty clinical staff members who facilitate our groups. They are highly skilled, well-trained, and deeply dedicated to their work. Many are licensed mental health professionals and most have over five years' experience running groups. All receive on-going supervision to continually improve their facilitation skills.