Rates and Appointments

Setting an Appointment

To set an appointment, simply call our main office at (503) 297-7979  weekdays between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your initial scheduled intake appointment for opening paperwork. Please bring all up-to-date medical insurance information, if applicable.

If for any reason you are unable to make a scheduled appointment, please contact us a minimum of six hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.

Therapy Service Rates

Counseling Fees
Licensed Individual Counseling: $80 - $120
Licensed Couples Counseling: $80 - $120
Relationship Group Counseling: $30 - $60
Group Counseling: $35 - $60
Anger Management Program: $35
Group Intake: $50 - $80
Graduate Student Counselor Fees
Individual Counseling: $20 - $40
Couples Counseling: $20 - $40

Sliding Scale Fees

At Allies in Change, we are aware of financial hardships, which is why we offer sliding scale fees for anyone in need. These adjusted fees are available for our clients that financially qualify and do not carry health insurance.

Relationship Group Reduced Fee*
We offer a Sliding Scale Fee for some of our weekly Relationship Groups ranging from $30 - $60 with an $80 Group Intake required.

Relationship Group Ultra-Low Fee*
We offer an Ultra Low Fee for our Relationship Groups. This reduced fee ranges from $2 - $20 with a $10 intake required.
(Limited Availability)

Individual and Couples Reduced Fee*
We offer a Sliding Scale Fee for our Licensed Individual and Couples Therapy ranging from $80 - $120.

Graduate Student Counseling Reduced Fee*
We offer Sliding Scale Fees for our Graduate Student Individual and Couples Counseling ranging from $20 - $40.

*Reduced fees based on income. Some restrictions apply. Contact the office for details.

Health Insurance

We are covered by a variety of insurance plans. Prior to meeting with someone, we are able to check on insurance benefits to determine what each client's out of pocket expense will be for any of our services. Call our office with your insurance information and we will do the rest.

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