Couples Counseling

Licensed Counseling
We offer couples counseling to help build greater intimacy and connection in intimate relationships. We see couples for a number of issues, including those with a lack of healthy communication, difficulties managing emotions, and behaviors that negatively affect the relationship.

Our licensed therapists will help provide valuable insights and relationship skills that can help improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship. Learn how to share a deeper connection, improve healthy communication, breakthrough and resolve conflict amicably, and reignite your affection for one another.

Graduate Student Counseling
Allies in Change offers low-cost couples counseling for clients seen by our practicum students. This gives students the opportunity to gain experience working with clients while being supervised by our Clinical Director.

Becoming Allies: A Relationship Group

Our Relationship Group for men, "Becoming Allies", is facilitated by Dr. Chris Huffine, Psy.D., and is designed to help men learn how to be more effective in relationships. The group is a positive and collaborative experience that focuses heavily on communication, working with each other, and striving to change for the better.

The group makes heavy use of work and research by John Gottman, praised psychologist and recipient of four National Institute of Mental Health Awards.

To view or download our relationship group and/or agency brochures, please click the corresponding brochures below.


For more information about our couples counseling, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 297-7979. Phones are typically answered 9:00 - 7:00, Monday - Friday. You are also welcome to contact us via email at

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