NEW Couples Training

Our new training, "Identifying & Addressing Pathological Conflict in Couples" will be held at the Ambridge Event Center in Northeast Portland on February 28th and will be presented by Dr. Chris Huffine, Psy.D. This training is appropriate for anyone who works with couples.

Training agenda includes: pathological conflict vs. non-pathological conflict, why a traditional couples model may not be appropriate for pathological conflict, what drives pathological conflict, how to screen for the presence of pathological conflict, how to work with couples when there is pathological conflict present.

Please download the brochure here.

What We Do

Allies in Change is a non-profit psychological services center and social activist organization. We offer Individual, Couples, and Group Counseling for men and women, as well as community trainings & outreach. We help people with a wide variety of issues, including those dealing with depression, stress, anxiety; those who want to build better connections with others, such as romantic partners, family members, and friends; those dealing with significant changes and transitions in life related to relationships, work, family, health, and other issues; and people who want to understand and effect change in their lives.

We offer a variety of different Men's Groups and Women's Groups designed to help people have more successful relationships. Some of the various topic areas in these groups include building communication skills, on-going support and encouragement, managing emotions, and troubleshooting real-life situations. While we have a sub-specialty in domestic violence and anger management, we are a full service counseling center specializing in a variety of areas.

Trainings & Community Education

We also provide a multitude of different Trainings and Community Education for professionals, agencies, and other organizations. We cover a multitude of issues, including, but not limited to: understanding domestic violence, managing stress, and risk assessment.


Becoming Allies

Becoming Allies is a group designed to help men learn how to be more effective in relationships. The group is a positive and collaborative experience that focuses heavily on communication, working with each other, and striving to change for the better. View the Group Counseling page or contact our office for details.

Changes Newsletter
The Fall Issue of Changes is available to download! The purpose of the newsletter is to provide free education to the public about the many issues surrounding domestic violence. Changes also includes important Allies Updates, as well as information on upcoming events. View the latest version of Changes here.


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